The Wonderwater initiative aims to raise awareness of global water issues and design for a sustainable future. Its programme manifests in a continual flow of water-related events, exhibitions and workshops that illuminate the significance of water’s role in the everyday lives of people from around the world.

I created the overall Wonderwater identity, as well as information graphics for the pop-up event, including posters, window graphics, menus and wall boards. Visitors were able to enjoy a mouth- watering selection of responsibly-sourced food, while digesting information from vibrant infographics and dynamic visual displays, all of which conveyed facts about the water footprint of their meals.




  • Visual Identity
  • Information Graphics
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Marketing Material
  • Leaflets, flyers & menus

Wonderwater concept by Jane Withers & Kari Korkman.
Helsinki Water experts: Miina Porkka, Water &
Development Research Group, Aalto University.
London Water experts: King's College London.
Wonderwater Café London was part of the
World Design Capital Helsinki programme.
Photos by Paola Pieroni.