The Design Conference, Brisbane, Australia

I hope to meet you at The Design Conference, one of the most anticipated design events in Australia! I will be giving a talk and a workshop on 'What happens when doing what you love burns you out?'. Join me in person or online.


The Science of Positive Creativity

This episode of the Creativity for Sale podcast hosted by Radim Malinic, features an inspiring conversation with Emmi Salonen, a designer and happiness facilitator.


AGRAFA, Katowice, Poland

Join me on Friday the 26th May. I'll be giving a talk followed by a workshop during the International Design Conference about my a holistic approach for a better work-life balance.


Creative Wellbeing Insights

Professional creatives based in 17 countries worldwide generously shared their tips and solutions on how to balance creative wellbeing. This report is an opportunity to share them on – so that more creative professionals can avoid burnout and thrive in their work.


Introduction to the Creative Wellbeing model

The Creative Ecosystem model, developed by Emmi Salonen (Studio Emmi) supports creative thinkers. Sustaining creative wellbeing requires balancing of creative outputs with nourishing inputs. This document outlines the five fundamental types of creative input: Connection, Wonder, Pause, Movement and Joy.


CEDIM School of Design Mexico

CEDIM México, a School of Design, has invited me give a talk as part of theirInnovation Programs | ©CEDIM. And you are welcome to join in!


RGD DesignThinkers Toronto, Canada

I’m thrilled to be speaking at DesignThinkers Toronto, Canada’s largest annual graphic design conference.
Join me on November 2-3 for this exciting event, where I will be talking about my favourite topic, creative wellbeing.


DMJX Denmark

My talk at the Denmark's Media and Journalism College in Copenhagen was titled 'Positive Creativity: Stories from a Design Journey'.


5 Tips for Designing a Visual Identity with Sustainability in Mind

Knowing where to start with sustainability can be overwhelming, as there's no one-size-fits-all solution; it requires innovation, research, and tailored approaches to each project. Designers with a creative mindset and problem-solving skills, can have a significant positive impact.


Domestika Online Course: Sustainable Visual Identities

In this online course, you will learn how to create visual identities that not only captivate, but also have a positive impact on society and the environment. Emmi will guide you through the process of developing sustainable designs that reflect the values, aspirations, and culture of brands or organizations.


Margate Festival of Design

Emmi will give a talk and run a workshop at the Margate Festival of Design. The programme includes talks, workshops and exhibitions that invite you to learn, share ideas, get creative and celebrate the kind of design that allows us to believe that a brighter horizon is possible.


Design Matters Tokyo

Emmi gave a talk and run a workshop at Design Matters Tokyo 23, Japan. A knowledgeable community of creative and curious minds who share the same drive and passion for digital design, technology, art, and society.


From Silos to Synergy: The Importance of Collaboration in Visual Identity Design

Collaborating on a visual identity design between external and in-house designers is atypical in the industry but could be looked at as an opportunity for upskilling and nurturing creative well-being for a sustainable and successful outcome.


All Flows Festival

Emmi will run a Creative Ecosystem workshop at All Flows, a two day Creative, Design & Tech Festival in the UK.


The Finnish Sauna: Creative Wellbeing Rituals

In this workshop, sensory designer, Lauren Davies (Heka) and visual designer Emmi Salonen (Studio Emmi) invite you to journey into your creative wellbeing in the travelling Finnish Sauna, this time pausing by the sea in Dover.


The Now Work

In this series, The Now Work profiles some of the incredible change makers in their community. Find out how they're using their strengths to tackle the biggest societal challenges through a flexible career that works for their lifestyle. First up, Emmi Salonen. An independent Creative Director specialising in sustainability communications.