Tate Britain has recreated the only solo show staged by printmaker, poet and artist William Blake 200 years ago. At the time, almost no-one came to the exhibition, and only one (bad) review appeared. 

Exactly two centuries later, ten of the surviving pictures are exhibited at Tate.

I designed the exhibition graphics, with the missing five works, including a large-scale painting of 
The Ancient Britons, represented by blank spaces. 

Pictures by other artists exhibited during 1809 are also shown, giving a sense 
of what was different about Blake's exhibition – and 
why contemporaries may have found his work so strange 
and confusing.


Tate Britain, William Blake


  • Exhibition Graphics
  • Directional Graphics
  • Signage

If the (three metres by four metres) Ancient Britons had survived we would have had a completely different view of Blake, as someone working not dissimilarly from his contemporaries Fuseli, Barry and Benjamin West.