I think experiencing a good identity is like meeting an interesting person you want to find out more about. Through the language of graphic design an identity reflects the values, aspirations, culture and aims that underpin the business.

A logo is the key identity aspect that will always be consistent throughout all communications. As such, it much be as much at home on a letterhead and business cards as it is on signs, advertising and online. Everything starts with a logo: it’s the essence of a brand.


Logo design


  • Visual brand mark

The Scale Life

Adventurers of the wilderness - passionate fly fishing environmentalists pushing the limits of culinary arts & modern ultralight gear in the wild

Bleu Blanc Rouge (BBR)

An independent, grant-making foundation seeking to transform the life chances of the most vulnerable children, teens and young adults


Harnessing the power of business as a force for good - helping organisations step-change their Corporate Responsibility strategy

Committees and large groups of marketing people are more likely to produce compromise than memorable strokes of creativity. Most of the classic logo designs were created by single, visionary minds or very small groups comprising the client’s principal desicion maker(s) and a designer. In the case of this logo there were just two people involved: Mika Ohtsuki, a New York-based piano technician, and Emmi Salonen. The final solution features five ebony piano keys, one of which is slightly out of place and in need of tuning. It also spells out the client’s initials.

MICHAEL EVAMY Author of Logo, published by Laurence King

House of Design Architects (HoD)

A design led architectural firm with a background in construction


A shopping platform and an app, designed to help you discover independent shops around the world

Lankabaari (Yarn Bar)

A yard shop and a fun meeting place for craft enthusiasts

Agile Films

Full service production company based in Shoreditch, London, making films, commercials and music videos

Le Garçon

French restaurant in New York

Future Sounding

A digital transformation agency, helping organisations get the best out of digital services, data and technology


Design products such as bags and laptop cases

Sleep School

Global sleep experts, helping individuals and businesses to sleep better, naturally, for life