Around the UK, local food systems are helping to create thriving town centres, stronger local economies and fresher, more delicious food in climate and nature-friendly ways. Despite all these benefits, local food currently makes up a tiny proportion of the food on offer. 

Local Food Plan's mission is to increase food that is sourced from short supply chains and sold through diversified retail. The organisation tasked me with creating a visual identity that would inform their audience about the plan and generate excitement, as well as encourage participation and support.


Local Food Plan


  • Visual Identity Marketing Material Social Media

Emmi did such a fantastic job of bringing to life the joy, benefits and potential of local food. The identity sets us up perfectly to engage with a wide range of different audiences from politicians, to farmers to retailers to investors. We're really delighted with the work.

Rachel Jones, Local Food Lead

A whole range of barriers stand in the way of making food local; from the political, to the financial to the infrastructural. Local Food Plan believes things can be different. We can grow our local food systems to help us address some of the biggest environmental, social, economic and wellbeing challenges we face today.

The logo at the heart of this identity symbolises community and collective action, depicting figures united in the growth and nurturing of food. It doubles as a geographical pin, signifying the importance of location in the local food movement. This dual-purpose design element is strategic, anchoring the food's journey from farm to table within the community map.

The identity design facilitates the ongoing conversation around the Local Food Plan, stirring excitement and engagement. It also serves to spotlight transformative initiatives within the industry, reflecting the vibrancy and dynamism of local food systems. 

Really lovely work, and amazing to get from brief to end product so quickly.

Gavin Dupee, Head of Digital

Emmi produced brilliant designs for us. They will greatly assist us in taking our project to the next level.

Charlotte Gace, Local Food Retail Coordinator