The Design Conference, Brisbane, Australia

5-7 JUNE 2024

Join me in Australia – in person or online

The Design Conference, one of the most anticipated design events in Australia, is underpinned by collaborations that are focused on delivering a better, more healthy tomorrow for everyone. 

Finding and owning your creative flow is a life-long pursuit that requires guidance discipline and an open mind. The Design Conference is a wonderfully confronting experience that introduces you to your dream future how to grasp it and the connections that can make it a reality. 

20% Friends and family discount

Stream The Design Conference with 20% off Friends and Family discount. Three-Day Streams includes live access to every talk and interactive Q&A plus six months video-on-demand access after the fact. Access will be emailed in the lead up to the conference. Slide App required.

Emmi x The Design Conference
What happens when doing what you love burns you out?


67% of professional creatives regularly experience a lack of motivation. And just 7% consider their workday to be close to ideal. These stats confirm a well-known fact in our industry: creatives are burnt and so hyper-focused on output that we often overlook or completely neglect our need for input.

Using design thinking as a tool, Emmi demonstrates how you can best use your existing resources to maintain your creative well-being. Grounded in scientific research, Emmi’s inspiring Talk and Workshop will help you reinvigorate creative energy, foster resilience and achieve a more balanced work-life dynamic. Whether you’re a seasoned creative or just starting, Emmi’s empowering message will motivate you to create your most innovative work while caring for yourself.