The Finnish Sauna: Creative Wellbeing Rituals

There are nearly 3 million saunas in Finland for a population of 5.5 million. Now one of them can be found travelling on a trailer across the British Isles, with its visual identity designed by Studio Emmi.

This February 2023 the sauna will pause by the white cliffs of Dover. Over the weekend sensory designer, Lauren Davies (Heka) and visual designer Emmi Salonen (Studio Emmi) invite you to journey into your creative wellbeing through a series of short exercises.

There is a direct connection between engaging the senses and our creative wellbeing and this workshop in The Finnish Sauna heightens this cathartic experience. You will participate in spoken and written exercises – as well as experiencing tastes and smells – as we bring new flavour to traditional Finnish sauna rituals.

Studio Emmi & Heka collaborate as a vibrant and multi-skilled creative team with a joint drive towards fostering sustainable creativity and wellbeing.

Together we combine our passions for nature, play and sensory engagement with a vision of designing wellness experiences, products, rituals and spaces
for the future.

Joint projects are inspired by the Creative Ecosystem – a framework Studio Emmi has been developing for a number of years and a desire to bring to life its teachings in new settings.

The workshop is structured around Creative Ecosystem – a framework designed by Emmi, to provide you with wisdom, tools and ideas that will not only inspire you to develop and enjoy a more creative life, but will help you find meaningful connections – be it nourishing self-kindness and resilience, or cultivating happier interactions with people and the environment.

Finnish architect Sami Rintala and architectural students from the University of Westminster, in association with the Finnish Institute, joined forces to create this one-of-a-kind sauna. Its shape was inspired by the London tube, and it is built with Finnish pine wood – traditional methods mixed with new forms.

We have developed an excellent partnership with Emmi Salonen (Studio Emmi), and her dedication to our collaboration was wonderful. Emmi's attention to detail and creative approach, when bringing the visual identity of the Finnish Sauna project to life, was exceptional.

Neicia Marsh, Programme Director (Society), Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland

To learn more about the thinking behind Creative Ecosystem, to explore how it might work for you, your team or your university, or to explore a tailored partnership, please get in touch with Emmi.