All Flows Festival

All Flows is a two day, creative, digital and technology conference held at the award winning MK Gallery in Milton Keynes. All Flows brings together an inspiring line-up of influential speakers from across the worlds of graphic design, animation & motion graphics, game design, sound art and digital innovation

In this Creative Ecosystem workshop, Emmi Salonen (Studio Emmi) will bring you on a journey to uncover processes, practices and rituals that help fuel your inspiration across all areas of life. We’ll do this through prompts, reflection, exercises and discussion within the group.

A practical, fascinating, warm and very human workshop.

Deborah Fielding, Participant

I’ll remember your workshop for a long time, it’s what we all need. 

Roze, Participant

Wow! Great workshop. I really didn’t know what to expect and it exceeded my plan for the day! Lots of sound advice from experience, research and very open to listening to others.


To learn more about the thinking behind Creative Ecosystem, to explore how it might work for you, your team or your university, or to explore a tailored partnership, please get in touch with Emmi.

Photos by Chris Henley