Layout design is one of my true passions. I believe devising a system that works throughout a document is key. It's vital to specify the details – from typography and illustration to photography and information design – and make sure the format and binding are appropriate for the job.

I work on all types of documents, from annual reports, books, newsletters, brochures and advertisements to leaflets and invitations – but book design is always an absolute honour.


Book Design


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Thinking: Objects: Contemporary Approaches to Product Design
by Tim Parsons

Thinking: Objects discusses influences on modern product design such as globalisation, technology, the media and the need for a sustainable future. It demonstrates how readers can incorporate these influences into their own work and learn to read the signals an object sends, interpret meaning and discover historical context.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Visual Arts

Peepshow Collective

Due to their focus on the individual, Peepshow as a group have become a force to be reckoned with. Instead of fitting themselves into a pre-existing mould, the ten members have together created their own market. This book is a chance to delve into the Peepshow imagination, scanning collective and individual work from the past decade while glimpsing future directions. It's also a rare chance to see behind the pixels, an interview with all of Peepshow's members offering their take on where they start, when they decide to stop, and what happens inbetween.

Publisher: Index Books

Pattern Cutting: The Architecture of Fashion
by Pat Parish

Pattern Cutting aims to select a variety of pattern cutting scenarios experienced in studio fashion teaching and learning, and communicate techniques and processes with clear visual instruction, fashion imagery and text. It aims to underpin this practical subject within a historical and theoretical context. Most of all, this book aims to inspire and combine pattern, design and aesthetics, and for readers to gain confidence to explore a subject that can be considered difficult and too methodical to be interesting.

Publisher: AVA Publishing

New Retail
by Raul Barreneche

A generously illustrated selection of 24 of the most innovative retail spaces built around the world in recent years, designed by such renowned architects as Frank Gehry, Herzog + de Meuron, Rem Koolhaas, and Renzo Piano. Projects included range from flagship stores for luxury clothing designers to department stores and supermarkets, reproduced with generous colour photographs and plans

Publisher: Phaidon

Remake It: Home
by Henrietta Thompson and Neal Whittington

This is the indispensable, inspirational and practical guide to being resourceful by design in your home. Save money, save the planet and stay ahead in the style stakes: if theres something going spare, theres a use for it somewhere. With a wealth of tricks and tips, design examples from leading luminaries such as Jasper Morrison and Marcel Waanders, and step-by-step projects you can try around the house, Remake It: Home provides design inspiration and practical know how in equal measure.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Remake It: Clothes
by Henrietta Thompson and Neal Whittington

Featuring introductory essays on the history and context of recycling clothes in the fashion industry, as well as tips on vintage clothing, storage and caring for your clothes, Remake It: Clothes draws together global trends, traditional practices and modern innovations into a harmonious and life-enriching guide. Inspiration and hands-on ‘know-how’ in equal measure, producing a wealth of almost-forgotten ‘word-of-mouth’ skills and step-by-step projects to create new clothes from old and accessories from found materials.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Re-Imagining Animation
by Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff

Animation was once constructed frame-by-frame, but now the creation and manipulation of the moving image has changed. With the digital revolution, what was once merely an adjunct of film has become central to the entire cinematic enterprise. This title examines animation's changing role through engagement with a series of contemporary moving-image works, and comprises an important text on a popular subject. Each case study looks at the entire creative process, from the initial creative stimulus, through the development of an aesthetic and the technical production of the work, to the final outcome.

Publisher: Bloomsbury

How to Draw Like a Fashion Designer
by Celia Joicey and Dennis Notdruft

The book is aimed at young people who are keen to learn how to draw fashion figures and outfits. Leading fashion designers explain why drawing is so important to the design process, with examples from their sketchbooks for inspiration. Examples of: how to create a fashion template (croquis); how to draw skirts, trousers, jackets and dresses onto the fashion template; and how to develop a collection, including the creation of complete outfits and seasonal looks.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson