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University College Hospital - Children & Young Adults Wards

Transformation of Children’s and Young Adults’ Wards at University College Hospital
London, UK

Studio EMMI and Peepshow Collective transformed clinical white walls with vibrant graphics and engaging images that provide a more welcoming environment at University Collage Hospital. The nine-month project, run by Creative Directors Emmi Salonen and Chrissie Macdonald, had an immediate effect.

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Before, it was all grey and white, very clinical – an adult environment, not a child-focused one. Now it’s the most amazing playspace I’ve ever worked in. And play is the language of children, that’s how children communicate. That’s how they’ll talk to us, and they’ll start to trust us, so then we can talk them through the procedures.

MADDALENA BRANDUARDI, Health Play specialist at University College Hospital

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In T11, the ward for children up to 12 years, a series of animals created by Peepshow’s Spencer Wilson guide patients from the lifts to the beds and treatment rooms. They are shown visiting London attractions, with illustrations set against the vast city skyline that can be seen from the 11th-floor windows.

It’s fun with a function, though: in consultation with physios, one corridor has been decorated with a jungle scene designed to provide informal markers encouraging children to walk a bit further each time.

In T12 South, the ward for adolescents, the Rec Room has been transformed with comfortable seating and an interactive wall area for patient artwork and messages. Miles Donovan has themed the artwork throughout on ‘the soundtrack of London’, together with park inspired calm areas by Luke Best.

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