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British Council - Maker Library

The Maker Library Network was a British Council project that connected designers and makers around the world. It facilitated knowledge and skills exchange amongst professionals and encouraged public engagement with making. A Maker Library combined three elements: a makespace, a library and a gallery. These spaces were connected online and through a programme of travel exchanges, exhibitions and events. People used them to make things, show things, get inspired and connect with like-minded people.

To celebrate the culmination of the four-year project, British Council produced a publication, Perspectives on Making: the Journey of the Maker Library Network. The publication tells the story of how the Maker Library network came about, its inspirations and its outcomes. The publication was edited by Anna Bates and designed by Studio EMMI.

The publication looks critically at the project; highlighting strengths and weaknesses and imparting knowledge and lessons learned through a series of detailed case studies. It also includes the Maker Library Network bibliography and a full directory of the Maker Libraries.

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